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Scott and Gina are a husband and wife team. Based in the Tampa Bay area, they started Starstruck Video six years ago with a passion for preserving the memories of life’s most important occasions.

We believe that video captures life in a way that can be relived time and time again. To be able to see yourself in the moment is really something special. This is something we realized after watching our own wedding video. Our family and friends, all together, having a great time, in our honor.

Our wedding was one of the few times that everyone we loved was together in one room. There are only a few times in life that you get to experience such happy moments with everyone you care for.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We take great pride and pleasure in capturing life’s most treasured moments. It is truly an honor each time we are asked to take part in a couple’s special day.

Scott and Gina

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